About Ilona Kosztics Hemperly

Artist, Author, Art Instructor

Ilona is known for her pen and ink drawings of North Shore landmarks, as well as watercolors, acrylics on canvas and handpainted limited edition prints.  Inspiration taken from the beauty of the islands has been a delightfully endless source of subject matter for Ilona.  She has authored, and illustrated, the children's book KITE ISLAND, and more recently, the NORTH SHORE SKETCHBOOK (now in its 3rd series.)  She is frequently commissioned to do original paintings, HOUSE PORTRAITS by request, and other design work. Ilona also teaches children's art classes in her Sunset Beach studio.

About Michael Hemperly

Fish Print Artist

Michael's art of "GYOTAKU" fish pressings is a modern version of an ancient art form.  Michael is known worldwide for his colorful handpainted fish prints.  Gyotaku is a fisherman's art originating in Japan centuries ago ("GYO" means fish and "TAKU" means rubbing.)   Michael has been producing and selling his work in Hawaii for 30 years.   He generally uses small tropical fish donated by fishermen friends, but occasionally prints larger fish when available.  Michael was featured in SEA FRONTIERS, published by the International Oceanographic Foundation back in 1982.  From 1972 to 1995 Michael sold his work in the lobby of the Turtle Bay Hilton Hotel.  When Michael isn't producing fish prints he can be seen driving around the North Shore daily in his 1948 Chevy Fleetline with wood on sides. & racks on top for windsurf gear or at the beach enjoying his favorite pastime, windsurfing...